Bespoke Company Training

is your training portfolio suitable for its intended purpose, is it producing the desired outcomes, and has it contributed to the enhancement of employee performance and the promotion of health and safety?

Tapiit's bespoke blended training encompasses:

Performance-Based Learning: Emphasis on learning practical application and skill development to enhance employee performance.

Key Learning Objectives: Focused on essential takeaways that drive improved skills, behaviours, and outcomes.

Safety and Compliance: Training modules designed to enhance safety protocols and ensure regulatory compliance.

Behavioural Change: A focus on fostering positive behavioural changes among employees to promote safer and more effective work practices.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Strategies to optimise training budgets whileachieving maximum impact.

Comprehensive Analysis: In-depth assessment of your current training programsto identify areas for improvement.

Customised Solutions: Tailored training plans and solutions to address your organisation's unique challenges and goals.

Live Courses: Designed to enhance engagement and interaction a dynamic learning environment incorporating question & answer sessions.

On Site Training: Presenters and Instructors conduct live sessions to complement online training during fleet conferences and at company facilities. 
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Performance Based

E-learning is frequently employed as the primary means of learning, yet it's important to recognise that learning and application are distinct processes. Mere knowledge acquisition does not necessarily lead to behavioral change. At Tapiit, our approach revolves around performance-based learning, where the emphasis is on equipping individuals with the appropriate behaviour's required for their work. Our learning modules prioritise key objectives and demand that users not only grasp but also put into practice what they've learned in their workplace.

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is your e-learning effective? The Tapiit team is dedicated to evaluating the necessity and relevance of your current training initiatives. While anyone can create and incorporate learning into the training framework, the critical question is whether it genuinely serves a purpose and enhances the essential learning pathways your team needs. We focus on asking the right questions and conducting a thorough analysis to ensure the optimal alignment of your training efforts with your team's objectives.
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Learning Matters

Accurate learning fosters enhancement in work-related performance, behaviours, and attitudes, ultimately leading to increased overall productivity when your team is fully engaged and onboard.


Minimising the amount of training needed for your employees can lead to a reduction in the overall training budget.

Improved Performance

Focusing on the primary key learning objectives enables users to grasp essential takeaways and perform at a higher standard.


When users understand key takeaways and the corresponding behaviours, it promotes safer working actions and attitudes

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