Understanding YOUR Health  

In collaboration with various Medical Professionals, we have brought together a variety of health courses designed to inform
and raise awareness across all areas of health

Empower yourself to prioritise your health by recognising symptoms, learning preventive measures, and enhancing your awareness of strategies for maintaining well-being. These courses are designed to better equip you to manage your health effectively.

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Learning on the Go

Simplest way to online learning

Videos, Animation, PDFs, eBooks. Your health is now in your hands. Courses developed by Doctors and vetted by the health team at the P&I Club
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Health awareness at its best

Easy Platform

We provide a modern, easy to use platform, that you can educate at your convenience. Download videos, listen to lectures and take quizzes.

Multiple Languages

All our courses are designed withmultiple languages to ensure accessibility for learners of all nationalities to educate themselves about their health

Expert Professionals

All of our content is developed in collaboration with health experts, providing comprehensive support across all areas of health.
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Health Made Easy?

Our health courses, developed in collaboration with the UK P&I Club, are provided free of charge to all users. The content is designed to be easily understandable, allowing users to relate to their health concerns.
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Our vision

Our vision is to empower all crews, regardless of nationality or language, with the ability to comprehend their health, take preventive measures, identify early warning signs, and enhance their overall behavioral health and lifestyle.

Learning Steps to be Done

Information Access