Ultimate Wellbeing Programme

29+ Courses covering all aspects of Mental and Physical Health 

A program designed to provide support to individuals regardless

of their specific Mental Wellbeing challenges

or concerns.

A modular program crafted to offer insight into various mental wellbeing themes through e-learning modules, animations, quizzes, PDF resources, and live support sessions. It comprises 28 topics covering a broad spectrum of mental health areas, aimed at fostering comprehensive understanding of both mind and body.

Healthy Eating

Explore how food effects are behaviours and wellbeing. 

Relaxation Techniques (WELL002)

Explore the various methods for calming and relaxing your mind 

Onboard Exercise

Embrace the power of exercise and physical activity for holistic well-being in our dynamic course.

Resilience Awareness

Strengthen your resilience and thrive in the face of adversity with our course.

Mental Health Awareness (WELL005)

Equip yourself with knowledge to understand and embrace positive mental health

Mindfulness - Meditation (WELL006)

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and inner peace

Emotional Regulation (WELL007)

Master the art of emotional regulation in this enlightening course

Positive Psychology (WELL008)

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Coping Strategies (WELL009)

Equip yourself with practical coping strategies to navigate life's challenges 

Social Support

Explore the power of social support in this course

healthy Boundaries (WELL011)

Establish and maintain healthy boundaries in all aspects of your life 

Cognitive Behaviour (CBT) (WELL012)

Unlock the power of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in our transformative course.

Sleep Hygiene / Insomnia (WELL013)

Discover the importance of quality sleep and learn practical strategies for improving your sleep habits

Substance Abuse (WELL014)

Gain insight into the complexities of substance abuse and addiction with our informative course.

Trauma Recovery (WELL015)

Embark on a journey of healing and resilience with our trauma recovery

Grief & Loss

Navigate the complex emotions of grief and loss with our supportive

Body Image

Explore the complex relationship between body image and eating disorders in our insightful course.

Work Life Balance (WELL018)

Find harmony and fulfilment in both your professional and personal life with our work-life balance course.

Assertiveness Training (WELL019)

Empower yourself to communicate confidently and assertively in our training course.

Goal Setting / Achievement (WELL020)

Unlock your potential and achieve your aspirations with our goal setting and achievement course

Appreciation / Gratitude (WELL021)

Cultivate a deeper sense of appreciation and gratitude in our transformative

Loneliness / Isolation (WELL022)

Explore the complexities of loneliness and isolation in our compassionate

Anger Management (WELL023)

Discover effective strategies for managing anger and cultivating emotional well-being in our comprehensive course

Mental Health Stigma (WELL024)

Address the stigma surrounding mental health in our enlightening

Nutrition & Wellbeing (WELL025)

Unlock the power of nutrition for optimal health and well-being in our comprehensive course.

Spiritual Wellbeing (WELL026)

Nurture your spiritual well-being and inner peace in our transformative


Discover insights and coping strategies navigating depression

Self Esteem / Confidence

Enhance your self esteem and confidence through this empowering course

Anxiety Disorders 

Explore the complexities of anxiety disorders 

Physical Wellbeing Courses

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Onboard Cardio

Discover safe cardio training techniques tailored for limited spaces and vessel movements.

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Develop strength training routines tailored for safe use within the confined spaces of your vessel.

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Learn how to relax and alleviate the stresses of daily life on board with effective meditation techniques.

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Elevate your well-being through rejuvenating Yoga sessions, refreshing your mind and revitalising your body

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Deepen your faith and explore your beliefs through spiritual sessions that provide solace and guidance in both the best and most challenging moments of life.

Mental Well Being Matters

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Self Esteem

Enhance your self-esteem and confidence through this empowering course, where you'll explore techniques, exercises, and mindset shifts to cultivate a positive self-image, inner strength, and a greater sense of self-worth.


Strengthen your resilience and thrive in the face of adversity with our resilience-building course. Explore evidence-based strategies, mindset shifts, and practical tools to bounce back from challenges, adapt to change, and cultivate inner strength and well-being.

Stress Management

Learn practical strategies and techniques to effectively manage stress in this concise course, featuring interactive modules and expert guidance to help you cultivate resilience and regain balance in your life.

Trauma & Recovery

Embark on a journey of healing and resilience with our trauma recovery course. Explore evidence-based techniques, therapeutic approaches, and self-care strategies to support individuals in processing and overcoming trauma


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Well-Being Matters

At Tapiit Academy, we recognise that your well-being is intertwined with every aspect of your life, from work to leisure. Your mental and physical health influence daily choices, creating a ripple effect that impacts everyone.
At Tapiit Academy, our emphasis goes beyond academics to include holistichealth and well-being. We illustrate how these aspects are intricately interconnected through our portfolio of courses.

At our Academy, we offer a diverse range of courses, including strength training and cardio for gym workouts on vessels, exercises suitable for confined spaces, yoga and meditation for physical and mental well-being, and downloadablereligious services catering to various faiths, promoting spiritual positivity.

A physically and mentally fit individual possesses the capacity to make sound decisions, free from external influences. Our safety courses demonstrate the impact of external factors on daily work tasks, including the completion of work permits, avoiding shortcuts, and maintaining positive work relationships. Your well-being is a critical component in ensuring jobs are executed safely and to everyone's full potential.