Lessons for All Crew  

Every crew member, regardless of rank or role onboard, should have the opportunity to grasp why accidents occur and how to prevent repeating them.
In collaboration with various organisations and professionals, Tapiit is dedicated to promoting incident awareness among all crew members, ensuring they return safely to their loved ones


Learning on the go  

Ensuring all crews remain informed about events is crucial for continual learning and preventing the recurrence of incidents. Tapiit simplifies access to lessons through its academy format and mobile app, facilitating seamless learning for crews.
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Detailed Animations

In-depth explanation videos offer a thorough understanding of incidents and the proper protocols for handling them in the future.

Informative PDFs

Supporting PDFs aim to provide informative, practical information with task associations, promoting safer working environments

Online learning

Users can complete courses online via desktop or through the mobile app, with the added convenience of being able to watch offline
I thoroughly enjoy engaging with courses and lessons on the Tapiit platform. The Academy ensures that we not only comprehend the incident but also understand the supporting documentation and links, which are crucial in preventing the repetition of mistakes.

M Phillis

3rd Engineer

We never stop creating new ways to make learning simpler.

Your career  

We are dedicated to making every crew member and ship a safer place to be

Expert instructors  

Lessons have been developed with expert input from a wide variety of experts

Diverse courses  

We will look to cover all aspects of incidents and events within our lessons learnt series

At your own pace  

With a low-commitment format, our school is a great place for those who want to devote some time to learning on their own time.