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Tapiit Academy's use of micro learning to provide relevant information to students for career progression, meeting company objectives, and ensuring safety is a modern and effective approach to education and training. Micro learning is a teaching method that breaks down complex topics into smaller, bite-sized modules or lessons that are easy to digest. Here are some key benefits and principles associated with Tapiit Academy's use of micro learning:
Overall, Tapiit Academy's use of microlearning is forward-thinking and effective way to provide students and employees with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their careers while maintaining safety and meeting company objectives. This approach aligns with modern trends in education and training, where accessibility, engagement, and effectiveness are paramount.

Retention & Engagement

Modules are designed to be short and focused, which helps students retain information more effectively. By delivering content in smaller chunks, learners are less likely to become overwhelmed and are more likely to stay engaged throughout the learning process.

Just-In -Time Learning

Allows students to access information when they need it most. This is particularly valuable for career development and job-related training, as employees can quickly reference specific modules to address immediate challenges or questions.


Can be delivered through various formats, including videos, quizzes, infographics, and interactive simulations. This flexibility caters to different learning styles and preferences, making it more accessible to a broader range of learners.

Trigger based Learning

The use of triggers and associations in microlearning can be highly effective for memory retention. Associating key information with specific triggers or scenarios helps students recall and apply that knowledge when needed in real-life situations.


Tapiit Academy's approach to micro learning allows for scalability, making it easier to update and adapt content as industry standards or company objectives evolve. This ensures that the training remains current and relevant.

Supporting you Everyday

Tapiit Academy's management system empowers students to manage their own training while providing companies with comprehensive oversight of their employees' training progress, ensuring a harmonious balance of control and visibility for all stakeholders.




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With a proud history of providing maritime training to more than 3000 individuals through on-demand and live formats over the past five years, we are thrilled to declare ourselves the ultimate choice for your maritime education needs. Our commitment to excellence and wealth of experience make us the top pick in the field. Join us on this exciting journey towards a brighter maritime future!

Blended Learning

At our academy, we took pride in pioneering Live Interactive training, setting the standard in maritime education. We offer a comprehensive range of learning options, including on-demand, downloadable resources, engaging e-learning modules, and live training sessions.

Study anywhere

Our Academy offers flexible training options accessible on both desktop and mobile apps. Download courses, content, videos, and eBooks for offline use.
Giving you the freedom to learn whenever and wherever you choose.

Manage your Learning

Stay informed with our mobile notifications, receiving updates on new and exciting training. Our Academy caters to your training preferences with a personalised dashboard showcasing your enrolled courses, progress tracking, and certificate management features.

Our satisfied customers

I participated in a live interactive training session while on board, and it was a fantastic experience. Being able to engage with the presenter and ask questions about topics I was uncertain about was incredibly valuable. The group discussions further enhanced my understanding of the subject matter. Additionally, having access to the downloaded eBooks prior to the course provided excellent support for the training.
Harrisson Davis
I joined the initial cadet support program trial—finally, a program that addressed all my concerns across various topics. Excited for the new and improved version!
— Nick Jones
I appreciate the flexibility of being able to attend support live sessions on both mobile and desktop, allowing for real-time questions and answers.

— Grace Walsh
The new academy is fantastic, and the micro-learning approach is amazing. It helps me grasp complex topics and retain the information effectively.
— John Robertson

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Online learning

Innovative approaches

Fuelling students' passion and keeping them engaged is our mission.Transforming learning into an enjoyable experience with creative, concise content. Simplifying complex topics for effective knowledge retention.


Theory & practice

Rediscover the joy of learning

Our goal is to make learning enjoyable and inspire a positive outlook towards discovering new topics, reshaping online education from a chore to a delight.


Variety of tools

Transform your way of thinking

At our online learning school, we're dedicated to revolutionising your perspective on education. We offer students an array of tools to ensure they maximise their educational journey.


Achieve your goals

Expert instructors

Our instructors bring extensive expertise to the table, and their enthusiasm for sharing knowledge shines through in live sessions and on-demand courses.

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