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Tapiit, an award-winning company, is dedicated to revolutionising global learning experiences. Our platforms have transformed and enhanced learning for users, pioneering the first-ever live-streamed learning programs for crews at sea. Join us and be part of a unique learning experience.

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After your training is live, Tapiit will actively promote it to our global user base and organisations. Every month, you'll receive an update that summarizes the courses sold, the number of trainings conducted, and feedback from participants.


Tapiit will establish a price for your training in line with industry standards. Every month, creators will have access to their sales and revenue percentages, which can be requested as a payment.

What our learners say

An increasing number of individuals and organisations are turning to Tapiit for innovative learning solutions that go beyond traditional, un-engaging E-Learning.

At Tapiit, we partner with content creators who strive to deliver exciting and impactful training, whether through micro-courses, live sessions, eBooks, or interactive courses.
Gone are the days when E-Learning was synonymous with tediousness and negativity.

Interactive micro E-Learning is the future, and together, we can embrace it and provide users with a superior learning experience.
This is the best learning platform I found so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities. (Cadet Programme)
Nick Heigl
I would recommend this training to others. It is a valuable opportunity to grow as an employer and improve our workplace culture. ( Mental Health Course)
Sue porter
It was an excellent training program, and I am very pleased. The content was relevant to our industry and helped instruct people on how to behave in the workplace. (Bullying & Harassment Course)
Maria Stobbard

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