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Ally Maritime is dedicated to delivering high-quality training and fostering career development for competent, qualified, and aspiring individuals. We have formed strategic alliances to build a strong team committed to providing exceptional training.

Our Courses Cover an Array of Compliance Topics

Behavior-based Safety

Behavior-based Safety (BBS) is a proactive approach to workplace safety that focuses on identifying and modifying employee behaviors to prevent accidents and injuries

Soft Skills

Key soft skills include communication, teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, emotional intelligence, time management, and leadership. 

Crisis Media Management

Crisis Media Management is the strategic process of handling communication and public relations during a crisis to protect and maintain an organisation’s reputation

Emergency Preparedness & Evacuation

Includes identifying potential hazards, developing comprehensive response plans, and training individuals on emergency procedures

Waste Management

Waste Management refers to the systematic administration of activities that handle waste from its inception to its final disposal

Marine Law, Legal & Insurance

Marine Law, Legal, & Insurance encompasses the legal framework, regulatory compliance, and insurance mechanisms specific to maritime activities

Meet our core team

Rahul Varma

 Instructor & Founder
He has 13 Years at Sea, 12 years as DPA, Head of Shore Contingency Team, Fleet Personnel, Safety & Quality, Vetting and Operations Manager for passenger ships, tankers and other cargo Ships.

Capt. Pawan Kumar Singh

Master Mariner (F.G.) Having Seventeen years of Sea Experience. He has served as HSEQ & Operations Manager with an International Ship management company for last few years.

Mr Prakash Tondon

Environmental Instructor
Shree Prakash Tondon is an Environmental Consultant. He is a B.Sc (Chemical Engineer) trained for Management of Hazardous Waste, Disaster Management, Environmental Management in Pharma and Chemical Sector etc. 

Mr Roy Charley

Chief Engineer from 2007 onwards on very large crude oil tankers & product tankers. Contributes to improvement to quality ship and shore management.  Technical Superintendent with renowned Tanker Company for 1 year.

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Our students love us

“I’m fortunate to have been part of this team and really happy to see outstanding work done by them. Courses that truly work for the upliftment and betterment of the students. The teachers have dedication towards their work and their students.”
Smit Patel
“Your courses are different and fun. All kinds of doubts are patiently solved irrespective of the class or age of the student. It offered the great opportunity to learn from and share expertise with people from around the globe.”
Andhra Pradesh
“Your school has been able to earn my respect and confidence in a very short time by virtue of the hard work they're putting in. There's a lot of admiration out there and people really appreciate the added value they've brought.”

Janake Svravastava
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