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Onboard Safety
Tools / Work Scopes

We develop modules based upon work scopes and their associated risks, encompassing regulations and best practices. The course modules encompass critical topics including Permit to Work procedures, working at heights protocols, safe practices for hot and cold work
, and procedures for entering enclosed

Onboard Safety Behaviours Programme

The modules are intricately designed to demonstrate the undeniable impact of behaviors on the outcome of work scopes, whether for better or for worse. These courses are dedicated to nurturing an awareness of behaviour's and their profound influence on actions. Specifically, they elucidate how behaviour's such as peer pressure, risk-taking, hostility, and distraction can precipitate disastrous consequences

Permit to Work

Explore the essential principles and procedures of permit to work systems in our comprehensive course

Risk Assessments

Dive into the fundamentals of risk assessment with our dynamic course

Tool Box Talks

An engaging course on toolbox talks, where you'll learn the essentials of effective safety communication

Safe Lifting Techniques (SAF004)

Master the art of safe lifting techniques in our comprehensive course.

Working at Height (SAF005)

Embark on a journey to safely work at heights with our comprehensive course

Fire Safety

Discover the fundamentals of fire safety in our comprehensive course

Mooring Operations (SAF007)

Explore the intricacies of mooring operations in our specialised course.

Machinery & Equipment (SAF008)

Explore the intricacies of mooring operations in our specialised course.

Electrical Safety

Gain a comprehensive understanding of electrical safety in our essential course

Hazardous Materials (SAF010)

Dive into the world of hazardous materials management with our in-depth course

Weather Awareness (SAF011)

Navigate the complexities of weather at sea with our comprehensive awareness course.

Anchoring Operations (SAF012)

Embark on a voyage into anchoring operations with our specialised course.

Hot & Cold

Embark on a voyage into anchoring operations with our specialised course.

Entering into Enclosed Spaces

Embark on a voyage into anchoring operations with our specialised course.

Associated Behaviour's 

Peer Pressure

Discover the dynamics of peer pressure in our insightful course.

Bullying & Harassment (BEH002)

Address the critical issues of bullying and harassment in our comprehensive course

Over Confidence

Dive into the complexities of overconfidence in our enlightening course.


Unlock the secrets of complacency in our engaging course.

Resistant to Change (BEH005)

Embrace the challenges of change in our transformative course


Uncover the impact of defensiveness in our enlightening course.

Risk Taking

Dive into the psychology of risk-taking in our dynamic course.

Blame Shifting

Uncover the dynamics of blame shifting in our enlightening course

Neglect - Self Care (BEH009)

Dive into the importance of self-care in our comprehensive course


Delve into the impact of distraction in our enlightening course.

Non Compliance

Dive into the complexities of non-compliance in our comprehensive course.


Uncover the dynamics of hostility in our insightful course.


Safety behaviour influences every outcome

Tapiit's safety program elevates safety training by connecting safety topics directly to behaviours
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