Lesson series (BEH002)

Bullying & Harassment

This specialised course tackles the distinct challenges of bullying and harassment prevalent in the maritime industry, including sectors such as shipping, onshore management, and offshore operations.
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Course Description

This course tackles the distinct challenges of bullying and harassment prevalent in the maritime industry, tailored for maritime professionals, the program explores the nuanced forms of harassment and bullying unique to maritime settings, both at sea and in port environments. It provides an in-depth examination of the relevant legal frameworks, the psychological effects on crew members, and the strategies for effective intervention and resolution.  Participants will acquire the essential skills and knowledge to foster a respectful and secure atmosphere aboard vessels and throughout the maritime community. This course aims to empower maritime professionals to lead and sustain a culture of dignity and safety.

Course Sections

  • Understanding Bullying and Harassment in Maritime Settings

  • Understanding the variations of Bullying and Harassment including sexual harassment 

  • Psychological and Social Impact on Crew Members & Shore based Staff

  • Legal and Regulatory Framework

  • Effective Response and Intervention

  • Additional Supervisor Training

Learning Objectives

Learning Objective 1

Identify and distinguish the specific forms and consequences of bullying and harassment unique to maritime settings

Learning Objective 2

Understand the psychological and social dynamics underlying Bullying & Harassment within shore based work places

Learning Objective 3

Understand the legal obligations and rights concerning workplace behavior in maritime environments.

Learning Objective 4

Develop and implement effective strategies for preventing and responding to bullying and harassment at sea and onshore work places

Learning Objective 5

Foster a respectful and supportive onboard - onshore culture through training and policy-making

Learning Objective 6

Apply learned skills in practical onboard scenarios, enhancing crew cohesion and compliance with international standards

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