Jun 19 / R Turner

Tapiit Launches new Cadet Support Programme

Enhanced Tapiit Cadet Support Programme Now Available

Following a successful trial of the Tapiit Cadet Support Programme in 2022, the team gathered feedback and made significant improvements to the course. The redesigned, on-demand version retains the original features that support cadets through the 17 key pinch points of cadetship, including homesickness, mental health, isolation, bullying, and harassment. Now accessible on both desktop and mobile apps, the enhanced programme offers new features such as:

Live Chat and Messaging: Immediate interaction with shore-based deck cadet for advice and information.
Interactive Sessions: Live sessions with presenters and special guests.
Downloadable Content: Videos, animations, e-books, and e-learning materials across the 17 topics, available for offline viewing.

Tapiit has also integrated the Crew Matters app with the academy, providing cadets with unparalleled access to support information. Additionally, the programme offers 24/7 online chat through ISWAN and port connections via Stella Maris. This comprehensive support system ensures cadets have the resources they need at their fingertips.

Give your cadets the support they need